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We prevent or resolve pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth with proactive monitoring and extractions

Our team at Hoover Dental Center in Los Angeles, California enjoys working with pediatric patients, and is proud to say that we are good at it! Our dentist, Dr. Hee Jee Yoon, formerly cared for the unique needs of children at a pediatric specialty dental practice. With that being said, as children get older, they never have to worry about “graduating” or “aging out” of the dental office that they have come to know and trust. Our center partners with family members of all ages. We are a “constant” at every step of each patient’s oral health journey.

Wisdom teeth extractions may be in a child’s future as they enter their teen years and young adulthood. Why is this the case? Well, wisdom teeth refer to the final teeth that emerge or erupt through the gums in the mouth. Problem is, these back teeth (third molars) tend to erupt at angles, partially, or otherwise improperly because they simply do not have enough space in the mouth to develop in a healthy manner. When third molars become fully or partly trapped in the jaw, they are called “impacted wisdom teeth.” Due to the pressure that is produced as the developing teeth push up against overlying tissues, impacted wisdom teeth are associated with pain. Patients may also experience swelling, and persistent bad taste and bad breath.

This process usually occurs when patients are between the ages of around 17 and 25, or the stage in life when individuals are transitioning from childhood and “gaining wisdom.”

Relief and treatment

To resolve pain and other symptoms, impacted wisdom teeth must be removed. Such extractions also prevent potential complications rooted in impacted third molars. These complications range from damage to surrounding teeth, to cysts and nerve damage.

Every patient is different. So, we monitor how all teeth are developing closely. This is where Hoover Dental Center’s close relationships with patients come into play. We examine our patients’ teeth, gums, and mouth during check-ups that are scheduled at least once every six months. During these exams, we can pinpoint potential problems with wisdom teeth before they cause discomfort and distress. Some patients never experience problems with their wisdom teeth, or not all wisdom teeth may emerge in the first place. This means that extractions are not a forgone conclusion. They are recommended based on your needs. All extractions, however, are straightforward and well-tolerated with precision removal techniques, pain-relieving anesthetic, and sedative dentistry as needed. We encourage you to contact us before concerns such as pain, swelling, and bleeding gums arise. Let’s get you into a healthy routine of regular dental check-ups! Call us at (213) 725-2898 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Yoon at our central L.A. office, conveniently located on South Hoover Street, between Venice Boulevard and West Washington Boulevard.

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