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When OTC products fail to live up to their promises, trust professional teeth whitening (it works!)

At Hoover Dental Center in central Los Angeles, California, we are glad you have found us and our professional approach to teeth whitening! After all, we know many of you have tried countless products – the kinds of toothpaste, the strips, the trays, the pens. They all claim to whiten teeth but fail to live up to those lofty promises. Worse yet, these OTC products may have caused sensitivity or pain. Fortunately, as dental professionals, we are equipped to offer concentrated whitening gels that are clinically proven to work as marketed. They are also safe when planned or administered under the supervision of a knowledgeable and skilled dentist like Dr. HeeJee Yoon. 

Depending on what Dr. Yoon finds during an examination of your mouth, one of two whitening options may be recommended: 

  • In-office
  • Home 

The office procedure involves isolating your teeth to protect surrounding tissues and support the whitening gel’s even application. Dr. Yoon then precisely applies the gel to your teeth. A special instrument is generally used to activate and speed up the whitening process. For this reason, stains can be lifted, and your teeth can be whitened in just one visit. This approach gets dramatic results and can lighten by many shades in around one hour. 

Now, we appreciate that some of our patients prefer more gradual results. These patients may also be better candidates for home whitening due to other factors, such as concerns over or a history of teeth sensitivity. For these patients, we will make a whitening tray or oral appliance. This appliance is customized to fit their mouth. So, once filled with whitening gel and worn as instructed each day (or night), the tray evenly and comfortably delivers active bleaching ingredients to the teeth. Teeth whiten gradually over weeks and may be treated while you kick back and watch your favorite streaming service when digging into a good book, or even while you sleep! To find out more about your options and if professional teeth whitening is right for you, contact Hoover Dental Center at (213) 725-2898. Our office is located on South Hoover Street, between Venice Boulevard and West Washington Boulevard.

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