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Proactive standard and deep cleanings protect your smile and restore the health of your gums

Dr. Hee Jee Yoon and the team at Hoover Dental Center treat individuals and families from throughout Los Angeles, California, with non-judgmental, kind yet professional care. This approach to care is built on consistent, routine appointments. At these appointments (dental check-ups), Dr. Yoon performs a complete oral examination. During this examination, the health of the gums that support and protect the teeth is assessed. Depending on what we find during this exam, our valued patients may be appropriate candidates for either a “standard” cleaning or scaling and root planing. 

What is SRP?

Scaling and root planing is often referred to as “deep cleaning.” Healthy gums are firm and hug the teeth well. As gum disease develops; however, pockets form between the teeth and gums. These “periodontal pockets” are indicators of the presence and severity of gum disease. In fact, our hygiene team uses special instruments to gently probe and measure the depth of these pockets. The “baseline” (healthy gum tissue) measures between 1 millimeter to 3 millimeters. Any pockets that are deeper than 4 millimeters are indicative of gum disease and require treatment. 

The recommended treatment type depends on the depth of the pockets and, in turn, the extent of the gum disease. Early-stage periodontal inflammation or gum disease (gingivitis) may be treated non-surgically with SRP. The standard cleaning mentioned above involves removing surface stains, bacteria, plaque, and stubborn plaque build-up (tartar) from the teeth and gum line. These cleanings occur once every six months or two times per year. SRP involves cleaning underneath the gum line and smoothing the roots of the teeth. The latter process is important because the hard, uneven surfaces of the tooth roots tend to collect sticky bacterial plaque. Additionally, the process of scaling and root planing encourages healthy reattachment of the gums and periodontal healing. 

Gum disease is a progressive condition. Interventions, such as SRP halt the progression of the disease. This is important because periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. With prompt, skilled treatment at the office of Hoover Dental Center, we preserve natural, supportive bone and gums. Your smile remains healthy, functional, and beautiful. Call us at (213) 725-2898 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoon. Our center is memorably located on Hoover Street. Our “family” looks forward to caring for all your family’s oral health needs!

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