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Restore or reveal your vibrant smile with versatile veneers

At Hoover Dental Center, we work closely with patients of all ages in Los Angeles, California, to keep their smiles healthy. Healthy smiles are often attractive – free of dark spots, pitted areas, and other signs of dental decay and disease. However, patients may be bothered by stubborn or very dark stains or chips due to wear and tear. Their teeth and gums may otherwise be healthy, but they no longer like the look of their smile. Likewise, patients may have hated the appearance of a tooth for as long as they can remember. Fortunately, porcelain veneers are a versatile way to restore or achieve a smile that you can be proud of, and Dr. HeeJee Yoon is happy to acquaint you with this popular procedure. 

Veneers 101

Dental veneers are prepared dental materials. They are applied to the front surfaces of teeth. Once applied, the veneer covers up gaps between teeth, stubborn or very yellow stains and discoloration, and minor chips and cracks. A veneer that is prepared to be longer or shaped differently than the natural tooth can even be used to add height to a worn tooth or create a tooth whose shape fits in better with the rest of the smile. 

Veneers may be made from various dental materials, including a plastic compound called composite resin or a dental ceramic such as porcelain. Dental porcelain is a popular choice because it mimics the strength of natural enamel and the natural properties of tooth enamel. 

Veneers may be designed and secured to a single tooth or all the teeth visible when you smile. Modern veneers are very thin, which supports the most comfortable treatment experience, as little to no natural enamel is removed to accommodate the thickness of each veneer. This means that an anesthetic is not necessary to manage sensitivity; however, we will discuss options for utmost comfort with you during your visit to our office. 

Since so little of the natural tooth is altered, veneers also support natural “mouth feel” and sustained and lasting function. They also look natural and not like you’ve had dental work done. To assure the most natural result, Dr. Yoon also uses advanced technologies to aid in treatment planning. Start the process today. Call (213) 725-2898 to schedule your appointment at Hoover Dental Center, proudly serving the Harvard Heights neighborhood and surrounding area. During your appointment, we will also discuss ways to keep your veneers going strong and potential alternatives such as composite bonding (also called “direct veneers”).

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