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Experience the many benefits of modern tooth replacement … with dental implants!

Dental implants have transformed dentistry and how professionals like Dr. Yoon replace missing teeth. Our team at Hoover Dental Center in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to offer this modern alternative to conventional tooth replacement with bridges and dentures. 

The implants difference 

“Traditional” tooth replacement involves reshaping and replacing the parts of the tooth that are visible when you smile. They do not replicate or “mimic” the design of a natural tooth. 

For instance, the dental bridge comprises a pontic or replacement tooth that is stabilized by two neighboring anchor teeth. It is not “rooted” in the jaw. Instead, the anchors must be crowned. So, they have the strength to hold the pontic in place. This feature also makes the dental bridge less conservative than newer forms of tooth replacement because all crowns require the removal of tooth structure. By removing enamel, the crown fits over the tooth properly. 

Likewise, conventional dentures use prosthetic teeth and gums. They are held in place with natural suction in the jaws or adhesive denture products. Again, they are not designed like natural teeth. 

Natural teeth include an entire system of tissues and parts that are not visible. These components reside underneath the protective tooth enamel and within the jaws underneath the gum line. Dental implants are the only option available today to replace at least one important part of the natural tooth: the root! The implant itself is designed to replace the tooth root. Once strategically positioned in the jawbone, the implant material safely and naturally fuses or joins to the surrounding bone in the jaw. After it has healed, the implant can function as a root to hold the attached tooth in place. A single tooth may support a crown, or precisely-placed implants can be used to retain a bridge or denture. 

This natural design promotes optimal patient satisfaction, long-term health, function, and the most tooth-like feel in the mouth and appearance. 

The Hoover Dental Center difference 

Led by Dr. Yoon, our team distinguishes itself favorably from other dentists in and around central Los Angeles who offer implants.  We utilize advanced diagnostic technologies such as CBCT imaging and guided surgery to assure that each implant is positioned precisely. The proper placement is a “must” for the long-term strength and health of the implant and patient satisfaction with their new teeth. 

 We also offer conservative mini implants, appropriate for patients who have experienced bone loss. Lastly, we offer non-metal implants as an alternative to “standard” metal implants. Our metal-free implants are an excellent alternative for patients with sensitivities to titanium and other alloys.

To discover the many benefits of implants and partner with Dr. Yoon and our team, schedule an appointment at our office located in the heart of Los Angeles, serving communities of Downtown Los Angeles, University Park, Koreatown, and Jefferson Park. Call us today at (213) 725-2898. We’ll see you soon!

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