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Resolve toothaches and prevent pain with emergency dental care and proactive dentistry

Even dental emergencies can be avoided with our approach to dentistry at Hoover Dental Center in central Los Angeles, California. Dr. Hee Jee Yoon emphasizes proactive care built on close relationships between the dental team and patients. During dental check-ups, scheduled at least once every six months, we identify problems with the teeth and gums early before they cause symptoms. Common symptoms of conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease include tooth sensitivity and pain when biting down. 

When damage has progressed to the point where toothaches are very severe or persistent, patients may go to the emergency room at their nearest hospital just to get the pain to stop. However, emergency room doctors are not equipped to optimally diagnose and treat oral conditions. Also, emergency visits are costly. 

Your “home” for prompt, proactive care

We encourage developing a relationship or “dental home” with a dentist like Dr. Yoon. Our team has the focused knowledge to resolve pain and other symptoms and restore your mouth to health in the best way possible. For instance, every effort is made to avoid the loss of a tooth. Tooth removal (extractions) may stop the pain. But they are a costly and extreme alternative to preserving the tooth. If we cannot preserve a badly damaged tooth with techniques such as root canal therapy, we will want to replace the tooth quickly. Prompt replacement stops the complications of tooth loss, which include bone resorption. Bone in the jaw retreats or shrinks the longer you go without teeth to keep the supportive bony tissue strong. 

Moreover, Hoover Dental Center prevents the toothaches that lead to patients seeking out emergency care. Toothaches are often symptomatic of progressive tooth decay and gum disease, conditions that can be avoided or managed with professional teeth cleanings and regular oral exams. Even dental trauma can be avoided in some cases; for instance, preventive professional services, such as custom mouthguards, protect the teeth, lips, gums, jaws, and other tissues from damage caused by contact sports. Our mouthguards are more effective than off-the-shelf or boil-and-bite guards at the store because they fit your mouth securely and comfortably. We are happy to accommodate same-day or emergency appointments. Yet, we encourage you to reach out to us when you are healthy – before a toothache interferes with your life. Whatever your needs may be, reach out to Hoover Dental Center at (213) 725-2898. It is our privilege to get you back to feeling and “being” your best. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of L.A., between Venice and West Washington Boulevard on South Hoover Street.

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