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Composite dental fillings for cosmetic, conservative cavity repair

At Hoover Dental Center, Dr. Hee Jee Yoon and the team treat your family like extended members of our “dental family.” From our office in Los Angeles, California, we get to know individuals and their families. So, we are in the best possible position to anticipate potential problems and intervene proactively. In doing so, we can protect the teeth and gums from the leading causes of tooth loss: dental decay and periodontal disease (gum disease).

If Dr. Yoon detects early signs of tooth decay during an exam, composite dental fillings may be recommended to promptly halt the progressive decay process. These fillings represent a:

  • Conservative alternative to more extensive dental restorations, such as crowns 
  • Strong and durable way to build up a tooth that is weakened by decay or other forms of damage
  • Cosmetic method to rebuild portions of lost or deficient tooth structure, indistinguishable in appearance from healthy, natural teeth
  • “Tooth-preserving” option; composite fillings preserve maximum healthy structure during the process of preparing the tooth for a filling 

Fillings may be recommended for patients with cavities or holes in the surface of the teeth caused by decay. As the name suggests, fillings are designed to “fill in” the cavity. In turn, the lost tooth structure is replaced, and the strength and structure of the tooth are restored. 

The process 

Dr. Yoon must first examine the troublesome tooth to determine if a filling is an appropriate treatment for you. Patients with large cavities, for instance, maybe better candidates for restorations such as onlays (partial crowns) or full dental crowns. Large fillings are more vulnerable to fractures and future damage due to the amount of structure that must be made and introduced to the tooth. Likewise, patients with more modest enamel erosion may not require the placement of a dental restoration at all! We can discuss home care techniques, products, and even in-office services to remineralize or build-up tooth enamel. 

For those patients who are well-suited to composite fillings, the tooth itself must first be “prepared.” All damaged tissue is removed. Think of this step as a way for the tooth to get a clean slate and start over. We collect information about the tooth, which is used to make the filling. 

Composite itself is a material blended with resin (plastic) and glass-like particles. It can be perfectly prepared to match the color and appearance of the surrounding tooth structure and adjacent teeth. So, composite tooth-colored fillings are even appropriate for patients with damaged front teeth or other teeth in highly visible areas of the smile. 

After the filling is ready, Dr. Yoon secures it to the tooth. Once fixed in place, the composite filling is incredibly strong. With good oral care, the treated tooth can remain healthy and present no further problems for years. 

To find out more about conservative, cosmetic, and strong composite fillings, contact Hoover Dental Center at (213) 725-2898 with questions or schedule an appointment. Our office is located on Hoover Street in the Harvard Heights neighborhood of central L.A. 

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