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At Hoover Dental Center in Los Angeles, California, children’s dentistry is not an afterthought. Our dentist, Dr. HeeJee Yoon, has experience working in a pediatric office. So, Dr. Yoon has considerable focused skill and knowledge in caring for younger patients and diagnosing and treating childhood dental conditions. Dr. Yoon isn’t the only one skilled at and passionate about caring for pediatric patients. Our entire team truly enjoys working with children and getting them excited about taking good care of their teeth and smiles. Importantly, we know how to explain things to children in a way that isn’t scary and that they can truly understand. 

It is generally recommended that children begin to visit the dentist no later than their first birthday. We say the sooner, the better. Establishing a “dental home” early into a child’s life is essential. Unlike children-only practices, we remain their home for oral care as they get older. They do not have to worry about going to another dentist after “graduating out” of the practice, as they would with specialty providers. 

In addition to our friendly, non-judgmental team, we also use technologies that support the most gentle and pleasant experience at our office. All these amenities and details are essential because we want to create positive experiences with dentistry. That way, children do not grow up to fear the dentist. Dental anxiety and phobia are primarily developed in early childhood. Adults can become so fearful that they do not visit the dentist for years. Failure to keep up with regular cleanings and dental exams can lead to severe oral infections. These infections may spread to other parts of the face and body and even cause dangerous systemic conditions. 

Like you, we will eventually get your child into the habit of visiting us at least once every six months. During these visits, we can also discuss or apply professional preventive services. These services include: 

  • Fluoride supplementation to keep the protective enamel strong 
  • Fluoride therapy to remineralize teeth that have sustained enamel erosion
  • Dental sealants to prevent cavities from forming in decay-prone back teeth 
  • Mouthguards to protect the teeth, jaws, lips, gums, and mouth from injuries caused while playing sports

These visits are also great opportunities to demonstrate healthy cleaning techniques to kids, parents, and caregivers. We may even advise on ways to eliminate or minimize habits that can threaten the healthy development of the teeth and jaws, for instance, prolonged or aggressive thumb-sucking.We look forward to meeting you and your child! Call (213) 725-2898 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoon at our office, conveniently located in central L.A. in Harvard Heights.

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