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We can rebuild lost bone and prepare your implant-supported teeth for success with grafting

Tooth loss not only affects the appearance of your smile and your self-confidence. It also causes a destructive process of bone resorption. Fortunately, at Hoover Dental Center in Los Angeles, California, we recommend promptly replacing the teeth with methods such as dental implants. This process prevents, hastens, or even reverses the effects of bone resorption. Additionally, patients who have experienced bone resorption (or “bone loss”) can still benefit from dental implants. 

Our dentist, Dr. Hee Jee Yoon, may recommend bone grafting to rebuild lost or deteriorated bony tissue in the jaw. This step provides a solid foundation for each implant, which is placed in the jaw and naturally fuses to the supportive bone to become a replacement tooth root effectively. 

The problem with bone loss 

The bone in your jaw retains its strength from chewing and grinding down food and other functions that require using the teeth and their interconnected components. The energy produced from these behaviors is transferred from the teeth through the roots and into the jaw. This stimulation helps to maintain the density and height of the jawbone. 

Healthy supportive bone is further necessary to support the overlying muscles, skin, and other tissues. It helps retain youthful, balanced, and attractive facial contours and volume. Also, strong bone aids in proper chewing function and speech. 

When teeth are extracted or lost due to severe decay or advanced gum disease, the bone in the jaw immediately starts to shrink. Given the many functions of strong bone, resorption is associated with several negative consequences. The overlying tissues may sag. The shape and contours of the face are altered. The lower portion of the face can “collapse” and appear “sunken,” which prematurely ages those individuals with missing teeth. Patients may also experience significant challenges with eating various foods and clearly and correctly pronouncing words. 

Treatment with bone grafting 

At Hoover Dental Center, we can rebuild lost bone. We are happy to discuss options for the graft material with you. The grafting process can even be combined with dental extractions for patient convenience and to encourage rapid healing. Remember – the longer you go without replacing your teeth, the worse the effects of bone loss become as it is a progressive condition.

The process itself is well-tolerated and straightforward. We’ll discuss what to expect before and during the procedure and how to care for the treatment site. Once your healthy bone structure has been restored, we can place the implant or tooth root that will further support your new teeth – for a lasting, healthy, attractive smile!

Start the process today. Call us without delay at (213) 725-2898 to schedule your appointment at Hoover Dental Center.

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